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Total Loss Claims & Disputes

Involved in a Total Loss Claim?

Was your vehicle deemed a total loss due to an accident or unforeseen event? During the claim process, the insurance company will make you an offer in attempt to settle your claim. If you don't agree with their offer or you are having second thoughts about accepting their offer; we can help determine the Fair Market Value (FMV) or Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your vehicle. You do have the right to hire an independent certified car appraiser to get a second opinion. Our certified car appraisers will go to the vehicle location, conduct the inspection and complete a certified total loss appraisal on your vehicle. In most cases Total Loss Claims require our certified car appraiser to negotiate your claim with the insurance company's independent appraiser.  Please contact us for more details and options on obtaining the true value of your vehicle.  

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total loss claims, disputed, fair market value, actual cash value, insurance claim.
total loss claims, disputed, fair market value, actual cash value, insurance claim.


car appraisers, total loss, cars, claims, disputes, acv, actual cash value, fmv, fair market value.

Our car appraisers have experience in total loss claims for call types of cars including sports cars, classic cars, hybrids and electrics.


truck appraisers, total loss, trucks, claims, disputes, actual cash value, aftermarket parts

Trucks can be difficult to value when there are so many factory or aftermarket parts.  Hire our truck appraisers for your total loss claims.


motorcycle appraisers, total loss, certified appraisal report, stock, modified

Stock or modified motorcycle? Our motorcycle appraisers include all aspects of the motorcycle when conducting our certified total loss claims report.

Recreation Vehicles

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Recreational Vehicles and Toterhomes need a qualified and experienced total loss appraiser to handle your claims.


total loss claim, boat, watercraft, appraiser, appraisal, experience

Total Loss claims on Boats and Watercraft take an experienced appraiser that knows the right resources to use when performing an appraisal.


total loss, commercial, vehicle, equipment, speedy, claim, service

Commercial Vehicles & Equipment when not in use, cause you loss in time and money.  Hire our appraisers for our speedy total loss claims service.

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